• ONLY RRR(Remita Retrieval Reference) code generated from this platform is valid. PRINT out your INVOICE before proceeding to make payment at the bank.


  • Applicants are to use their own phone numbers as this will be the official communication channel. No complains will be entertained for wrong phone numbers.

step 1

 Enter your phone number and  your password to login  



Click on fees payment.



Click on part payment or full payment. 

step 4

 Enter amount to pay which should not be less sixty percent of your fees 

step 5

After entering amount, click proceed to make payment

step 6 

To select a payment method; Click on the ATM dropdown box

step 7

 Selecting mastercard amongst the options

step 8

 Click the check box and then the Accept button

step 9

Read the pop up message carefully and then click OK

step 10


 Click Pay Now to continue

step 11

Card payment option appears; fill in the required fields correctly and click OK

To make payment in bank

step 8

from step 6 select Bank Branch instead of MasterCard of step 7

step 9

Read the pop up message carefully and then click OK

step 10 

The Remita page comes up; click Print Invoice to get a copy of your RRR slip


step 11

Take this printout to the bank to make payment.

step 11

Enter your Phone number and password to login 

step 12

 Click on verify fees and enter the RRR number  to verify your payment.

step 13

Select your Preferences i.e your Semester and Level

step 14

Under “Registrable Courses Column” select a course you wish to register. For example EED316l

step 15

Click on Add to Reister

step 16

Notice the course EED316 appears on the “Courses to Register Column”

step 17

 To register a second course, for example STA311. Select it and then click Add to Register

step 18

 Notice both selected courses now appear on the “Courses to Register Column”

step 19

 If you want to register all your Core Courses. From STEP 2 above, click on Add All Core Courses.

step 20

Notice all courses appear on the “Courses to Register Column”.

step 21

To Register Selected Courses, in the “Courses to Register Column” Click Register.

step 22

To Unregister a course before printing your receipt, select the course; for example STA313 and click Unregister Selected Course

step 23

 A message should Pop Up showing Course Unregistered Successfully, and the unregistered course should no longer exist in the list

step 24

 If satisfied with registered courses Click on Print Registeration Form, to print out registered courses

step 25

Your Print out should look like this.

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