The School of General Studies is a Service School. It services all the Departments in the institution with several cognate courses such as English, Law, Geography, Economics, Sociology and Citizenship Education. The School was created from School of General Studies and Applied Sciences in 2008. As at the time the School was created, it had four Departments namely: General Studies, Mass Communication, Public Administration and Library and Information Science. At present, Public Administration Department has been moved to School of Business Studies, while Mass Communication and Library and Information Science Departments were moved to School of Information Technology. School of General Studies is left with only the Department of General Studies. 


General Studies Department came into being in 1984 as a Service Department under the School of General Studies and Applied Sciences. General Studies is a Service Department which comprises five Units namely: English Language, Law, Geography, Economics and Sociology. As a service Department, it services all the Departments including Preliminary Programme in the Polytechnic. The courses it runs are to give students broad soft skills and knowledge outside their areas of specialization.