Engr. Sadiku Itopa Bello MNSChE, MMSN, MNSE & COREN Regd.

Dean (SET)



There is something very interesting in studying Engineering as an academic subject and as a profession in The Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa. This is because being an applied science; it is heavily weighted on the sides of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PHYCHEMAT). There is School of Applied Sciences which makes it easy, the learning of these three core subjects to be applied.

Engineering as an applied science has been identified right from times of Adam to date. A profession that has shaped shelter, transportation, energy, communication, agriculture, health and other needs of humanity. It is so pervasive that there isn’t a single structure on this earth that is man-made which is not tied directly to engineering. According to Gulma (1999), the development of civilization is heavily tied to the ingenuity of man to overcome, control and tame the harsh vicissitudes of his environment. For a country to be classified as civilized, advanced, developed or developing, it is the ability to harness engineering that determines the ranking. Engineering has positively transformed every human endeavour and has pivoted the lynch-pin for the development of mankind. Therefore it is worth studying.

The School of Engineering Technology (SET) has five (5) Departments fully accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). The Departments are Agricultural & Bio Environmental Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Chemical Engineering Technology, Electrical Electronics Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Engr. S. I. Bello

Dean, School of Engineering Technology (SET)